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A few emails we've received over the years

Gamblers Historian Anthony Nunez and
Wide Receiver Scott McGhee

This collection features several of the emails we've received since creating the website in 2008. There's no rhyme or reason as to why we chose to post these, other than the fact that they might be of interest to Gamblers/USFL fans. We'll continue to add newer emails as the interesting ones come in.

The first several letters were posted in our Guestbook, which we decided to discontinue in early 2012 (most people were emailing us directly anyway). We started off with a bang thanks to the following comment:

I didn't care about this so-called legendary team. They were a bunch of bums -- Lisa Evans

Thank you for the kind words, Lisa. I was wondering if any females would find their way to the site. Here's the next one:

Was a huge fan of the USFL. Even though I was an Express fan, I realized how bad-ass the Gamblers were on offense. Its too bad that the league wasn't allowed to flourish, but our memories will not fade. BRING BACK THE USFL, especially the Gamblers -- Sean

Now we're talking! Sean might not be as cute as Lisa, but I like his style.

Well done website, should be one like this on every single USFL team -- MKG

What a great website! Big fan of he Gamblers and the USFL. Keep up the excellent work! -- Bob

I miss the crap out of the USFL. I loved the Tampa Bay Bandits (BANDITBAAAALLL!!!). But this Gamblers site is the best team nostalgia site there is. Lots of great photos, video footage, player stats. Cheers to you, Mr. Nunez! -- Alex

Very nice. Fans of other USFL teams were starting to find the website... A sign that Google was ranking us well with general searches.

WOW, I think it's great that my dad, Curtis DeBardlabon #81, is getting some recognition! I love the site & I will be sure to tell him about it! I also would love to purchase a jersey if possible! -- Dinesha DeBardlabon

In late 2008, Dinesha was one of the first family members to reach out to us. We were excited to get her message!

I will never forget the Gamblers. Back then is when I had my most fun. I had a friend that played on the team; his name was Gerald McNeil....he was very nice. Those were some fun times -- Michelle

I corresponded quite a few times with Michelle. She told me she went to a "Prince" concert back in the day with several Gamblers players.... How '80s is that???

Denisha I attended M.V.S.U. with your dad. He was a very good reciver I never saw him ever drop a pass. What up BOT. D.J. LAKESIDE -- Terry Lakeside

It was a shame that Curtis DeBardlabon couldn't crack the crowded Gamblers receiver lineup... I would have loved to have seen more of his stuff.

The Gamblers is the reason to this day I hate the Oilers/Titans. It was a shame they couldn't stay. I was at the Arizona playoff game. Even though we lost, man what thing a blast! Boo to Donald Trump for ruining the league! Had he not been involved, our beloved Gamblers would still be here today. -- CougarTino

I wish I were at that game! I guess I'll just be happy with the ticket stubs and Del Taco Gamblers towels they gave away that evening in the Dome...

I wanted to commend you on an outstanding website. Every new spring season brings back memories of the USFL and what could have been. It's hard to believe that the league's three year existence would have such a lasting impression on the NFL as we know it today. Coaches challenges, 2pt conversions and modified overtime rules were all thought to be gimmicks. Little did anyone know that the USFL was actually ahead of its time -- Mark Espanet

I think most of us agree with Mark. Well said.

I was 12 years old playing little league football for the Bayland Bears and playing at Bayland Park's Fun Stadium. The Gamblers practiced at that park. It was always so cool to see them on the same field I was on playing the same game we all loved and played. Just a great memory. Thanks for this site..the Gamblers will always have a special place in my heart -- Wayne

This type of story has been related many times over. The Gamblers, along with the other USFL teams, were much more accessible to the public than NFL teams had been for many years.

Although I didnt get to play a regular down because of my injury in the first scrim game I wish that I would have been able to play for the Gamblers. Hey Andy best of luck to you and hope someday you get back in touch with me -- Robert Humburg

Mr. Humburg was injured early into the Gamblers '84 training camp, and never played again. Have chatted with him several times, a super-nice guy.

I remember the day they announced the original Highrollers on the radio. I thought I didn't make the squad because the name called before mine was Maurer. I thought it was spelled Mower which alphabetically would have come after me. When they called Deirdre Miller after that, I jumped for joy with so much excitement! Today, my 12 year old daughter had on my Highroller T-shirt which prompted me to google just to see if there was some footage I could share with her and my son. Thanks for keeping the memories alive on this site -- Deirdre Miller Jean-Baptiste

Isn't that a great story? I never get tired of hearing them!

I was 9 when the Gamblers did their spring training in Huntsville and myself and a few buddies went down to see if we could work for them. We would clean the locker rooms after practices and mostly stood on the sidelines during practices. I remember throwing the ball with JoJo Heath, who was murdered a few years back in Pittsburgh. At the end of spring training, we all got a USFL ball signed by the whole team along with t-shirts with our name on the backs. I became a Jim Kelly fan then and watched almost every game of his with the Buffalo Bills, including the 4 heart breaking super bowls. I still have the ball to this day, 25 years later -- Glenn Miller

Glenn was the third person in a row to play a part with the Gamblers organization. Good stuff.

G'day, Followed the USFL from day one way downunder. I supported the NJ Generals BUT loved the heck out of the Gamblers and the Run 'n' Shoot offense. It's what eventually made me realise the NFL is waaaayyy too conservative a league for my liking. Still can't believe Buffalo made Jim Kelly hand the ball off !! Great website, fond memories -- Wessley

An Australian fan! Supporting the USFL from halfway around the world was HARD CORE!

So there you go.... Messages from the original Guestbook. Unfortunately, I did not save all the emails I've received since 2008. But stay tuned, as I will be posting several that I did save, as well as the interesting new ones that come in from this point forward.

Anthony Nunez


Kicker Toni Fritsch, who played for three pro Texas teams -- the Cowboys, Oilers and Gamblers... R.I.P. Toni.