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Interesting stuff straight from the Boucher family! 


Scott Boucher was a starting offensive lineman both years of the Gamblers' existence, and also spent time with the Denver Broncos and Houston Oilers. The player representative for Houston-Gamblers.com, Scott has graciously donated several items to the website museum. Many of these items are very scarce or one-of-a-kind. Items will be posted as time allows.

Scott Boucher's USFL Shoulder Pads

1985 Game Ball vs. Portland Breakers

This game ball was presented to Scott by Head Coach Jack Pardee for his play during the May 6, 1985 game in Portland, Oregon.



1984-85 Lineman's Glove

This glove was worn by Scott over the course of several games. He began the 1984 season by wearing this glove under a larger black padded one, and later dropped the black gloves altogether.



Locker Nameplate

This Gamblers locker nameplate is made of plastic, and measures ten inches long by one inch wide. The nameplate has a silver-colored face and black letters and numbers. A thin black border surrounds the item (the large black border shown is part of the photo background).


Helmet Decal

An original Gamblers helmet decal taken directly from the equpment room. Made by 3M, the decal reverse is coated with "Scotch Hi Strength Adhesive."



Business Card

Gamblers business cards were typically created for the owners and administrative staff. Because of his extensive charity work and numerous appearances for the team, Scott Boucher was issued his own business cards and proceeded to pass out hundreds of them to everyone he met. The team office was deluged with calls for Scott within a few days of the cards being printed, and needless to say, Scott's bosses asked for the remaining cards back.


Gamblers-Related Photos

Straight from the Boucher photo album to your computer monitor. If you want to see Jim Kelly's Houston home, candid stadium photos or the Gamblers involved in a hamburger-eating contest, you're in luck. Simply click one of the photos below to get started.




USFL Documents

A copy of the USFLPA letter sent by Executive Director Doug Allen to USFL Commissioner Harry Usher on August 8, 1986. The original document, signed by both, memorializes the amendment to the Collective Bargaining Agreement of March 29, 1985. The entire letter is printed on both sides of two pages.


Volume four, issue four of the USFL Players Association newsletter from August 19, 1986. It details the results of the league meetings held earlier in the month. The one-page document has content printed on both sides.


Scott, Kiki DeAyala and a few other Gamblers went to the Arizona Outlaws after the 1985 season. This letter, dated August 7, 1986, was mailed to Scott from Bill Tatham, the President and General Manager of the Outlaws. Mr. Tatham seemed to be optimistic that there would be a 1987 USFL season, but of course the league's last game had already been played. A depressing document, to say the least.


Team-Issued Patch

The Gamblers used this style of patch on Highroller uniforms and staff suit jackets. In true Boucher fashion, who is more creative than your typical offensive lineman, he snagged a couple from the team and used them on the seat cover of his "Gamblermobile." I'll bet that car has a few stories to tell, wherever it is.



Two "phantom" admission tickets and a parking ticket from the never-played second 1984 playoff game. Also pictured is the form that was used to send back unused tickets to the team for a refund. These items are very scarce, as most fans opted to receive their refunds. 


An unused season ticket for the 1984 Week 16 game versus the Chicago Blitz. The game was played on June 10, and the Gamblers enjoyed a solid 38 to 13 victory. ABC television broadcast the game, with 24,243 fans were in attendance.


Tickets used by Scott's mother and step-father for the game against Mouse Davis and the Denver Gold on June 9, 1985, played at Mile High Stadium. The photo of Scott and his mother was taken in the parking lot after the game.



This V.I.P. pass was issued to Scott Boucher for the June 18, 1984 game versus the San Antonio Gunslingers. The back of the pass is blank, except for Scott's number "60" written in permanent marker. It measures 3 3/4 inches long by 3 5/8 inches tall.



1985 Season Ticket Letters and Bonus

Here's a letter sent by the Gamblers to their 1984 season ticket holders (Scott's mom and step-dad, in this case). Team Owner Jerry Argovitz thanks season ticket holders for a great year, and offers tickets for the 1985 season. As a bonus for buying two season tickets for the 1985 season (or for $10.50 each), fans received a brass belt buckle commemorating the Gamblers' 1984 Division Championship. The second letter, from Ticket Manager Jeff Gaines, came with the invoice for 1985 season tickets. Pictured on the right is one of the brass belt buckles mentioned in the Argovitz letter.




1985 Easter Seals Postcard

The Gamblers Organization was very active in their support of local community charities. This impossibly rare postcard was mailed to promote a benefit luncheon for the Easter Seal Society. The benefit was held on Tuesday, April 23, 1985 at Kaphan's. Head Coach Jack Pardee and many players were present that day to chat about the upcoming season. A Gamblers player was seated at each table, and an autographed football and autographed team posters were given away!



Retail Items





Hat/Lapel Pin