A "Gambler" Murder?

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A "Gambler" Murder?
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Can you help solve this mystery?


On September 27, 1987 the body of a black female was found in a vacant field near 8100 Leghorn Street in Houston, Texas. The apparent cause of death was due to multiple stab wounds, with the victim's actual date of death being unknown. The estiamted age of the victim is between 15 and 25 years old, with an estimated height between 4' 10" and 5' 2". The hair color of the victim is brown and the eye color unknown.

This case may have a direct connection to fans of the Houston Gamblers franchise. The victim was found wearing a tan t-shirt with "Sam's Place, 97 Rock, Houston Gamblers" printed across the front in red. In addition, the victim was wearing a red strapless bra and size 7M white leather shoes with small heels.

It is possible that the victim acquired the shirt at a function held at "Sam's Place" (we're not sure where that is or was). It is equally possible that the victim purchased the shirt from a thrift shop or other place with no connection to the Gamblers or their fans. With that being said, the most obvious clue to follow is to learn if any patrons of Sam's Place or fans of the Gamblers recognize this female.

If you believe you may have any information pertinent to the homicide or identity of the victim, reporter Lise Olsen of the Houston Chronicle would like to hear from you. An award-winning investigative journalist, Ms. Olsen is actively pursuing leads in regards to this matter. Houston-Gamblers.com is proud to work with Ms. Olsen, and hopes to provide closure to a family that is unsure of the whereabouts of a loved one.

Investigative journalist Lise Olsen may be reached at (713) 362-7462 and Lise.Olsen@chron.com.



A final thought: The composite photo shown here is probably a bit different than how the victim would be remembered by family and friends. If you believe you may have known a black female in her late teens or early twenties who disappeared in mid 1987, and was in the 5' 2" height range, we'd be interested in hearing from you.

Additional Information

Agency: Houston Police Department
Case Number: U8710006
Date Found: 9/27/1987
Est. Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: Multiple Stab Wounds